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Vacsora Parti

Project Summary – Vacsora Parti is a dance film that follows two dancers and a jazz musician as they work on an elegant, yet eerie dinner party. The short narrative film explores the disappearance of the arts throughout the pandemic and examines the space left by the loss of cultural events, such as dinner parties, banquets, live music, and performance. The film aspires to ignite hope for a future that values arts, culture, and entertainment.

Project Artists – Hannah Straney, Elizabeth Szendrody, Szesco Szendrody, Jake Kruty, Garrett Parker, Dan Maddalone

Community Partners – Nancy Ellen Long, Charles T. Straney, The Creative Outpost, Five Points Public House

Total Raised – $4,727.00


Project SummaryICU is an excerpt of a longer film that explores the loss of different senses through site-specific dances. ICU follows two dancers as they explore a foreign space without the sense of sight.  The film is a collaboration between the dancers and videographers, who have separately taken on the task of conveying the absence of a sense. Together the artists are investigating awareness, perception, disorientation, and reality through the exploration of foreign spaces.

Project ArtistsJacob Kruty, Garrett Parker, Quaba Venza Ernest, Hannah Straney

Community PartnersThe Creative Outpost, The Little Falls Youth and Family Center, Just Dance Studio, Utica Dance, Mark Regan, and David Casullo.

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