Little Falls Smartphone Film Festival

A film festival for movies shot on a smartphone or tablet. Coming Fall 2023.

Why a film festival for phones & tablets?

Today, anyone can make a movie. Almost all of us have some kind of smartphone in our pocket, and with just a little bit of skill, education, and practice, we all can make an excellent film.

Throughout film history, filmmakers have made their break into the industry with low-budget movie productions. With an increasingly high-quality camera sitting in our pockets, and editing equipment affordable and convenient, it has never been easier to make high-quality films with minimal budgets.

Several of the free classes being put on by The Creative Outpost will help you get started. These days smartphones shoot pretty high-quality videos. 

If you ask a professional what are the most critical elements of cinematography, they will usually say camera movement, lighting, and framing. And all these elements can be mastered with just about any camera.

Artistic Rules

What can I film with and can I use accessories?

You can film with a mobile phone or a tablet. You can use accessories such as microphones, stabilizers, filters, removable lenses, etc.

Duration & Theme

Twenty minutes maximum, including credits. All shots must be within the Mohawk Valley. We want to highlight the rich heritage and look of the region.

Film genre

All audio-visual forms are accepted: fiction, documentary, and all genres, too: romance, horror, science-fiction, western, drama, period, thriller, Z movie, comedy, action, war film, etc., as well as stop-motion, time-lapse, etc.

Can I submit an animated film?

Films using motion-capture techniques and/or special effects added during editing are welcome, as long as the images were filmed using a mobile/tablet device. Unfortunately, films comprising only graphic animations without any live action are not permitted.

Can I add special effects during editing?


Can I show a brand on-screen?

Not explicitly, but in the urban landscape, there are many brands, and it is not forbidden to use them in the film.

Can several people be involved in making the film?

Yes. The entry form allows you to list all members of your team and their roles, including any co-producers and directors.

Can I use pre-existing music?

Yes and no. If you want to use any music in your film, you must hold the appropriate rights or have been authorized to use it by the author or its rights holders. You may be required to prove this if requested by our team. There is, however, lots of royalty-free music available for you to use. For example, you can take a look at the YouTube audio library.

Can I enter more than one video into the competition?

Yes, you can enter as many films as you like, free of charge. However, only one film per director can be shortlisted for the competition. When registering more than one film, please use the same information for each one.

Registering for the Film Festival

Is it possible to sign up anonymously? We understand that the theme and how it may be addressed in certain films could put directors in danger. Therefore, we’re giving you the option to create a pseudonym, which will be used if you’re officially selected. However, we ask that you include your real identity on the registration form (first name, surname, address, email address, and phone number); this information will remain entirely confidential and can only be seen by The Creative Outpost team.

What kind of video files do you accept? MP4 and MOV files


When will the selection be announced? – The official selection will be announced on our website in September 2023.

How many films will be selected? There will be five winners.

When and where will films be screened? TBD

Where online will they be able to be viewed? TBD


The awards – TBD (Best Film, Kids (for filmmakers 16 and under), Finished on Mobile award (must be shot AND edited on a mobile device or tablet) are just a couple that we are considering.

Example film

Director – Eddie Cibrian
Editor – Julian Andraus & Eddie Cibrian
Digital Editor – Tonia Wallander
Producer – Leann Rimes, Eddie Cibrian & Darrell Brown
Captured on an iPhone 13 Pro

Example film

Filmed & Produced by David E. Warner
Shot on an iPhone 8 Plus with an Osmo Mobile
Aerial footage shot with a Mavic Pro
Filmed in Little Falls NY, December 9, 2017

Example film

Join the creator of Chef’s Table, David Gelb, behind the scenes of his latest documentary, Poached. Discover how iPhone 13 Pro’s cinema-grade features helped him capture Singapore’s hawker scene in the most authentic way. Get inspired to shoot your own documentary on an iPhone.

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