Tanner Jaquay does the play-by-play calls during the November 26, 2022, Herkimer Originals basketball game.

On Saturday, November 26th, the Creative Outpost kicked off its intern program for live-streaming events by broadcasting the Herkimer Originals American Basketball game against Binghamton at Herkimer College.

The program has been designed to take high school or college level students and train them to create content to be streamed during events and then stream the events themselves.

Dave Warner, Executive Director of The Creative Outpost, stated, “It’s a pretty complex system we’re using to give the end user a quality multi-camera experience with no lag in the signal. The interns must learn everything from camera operation to show production and creation of advertising content that will run during breaks.”

Tanner Jaquay is the first intern in the program, and his future goal is to be a sports broadcaster. He had just that opportunity Saturday night as he did the play-by-play calls and analysis of the game.

He said, “I absolutely loved doing it. I think I was a little monotone in the beginning, but I got a lot better as it went on.”

Tanner’s mother, Amanda, watched the whole game and stated, “I LOVED listening to him. I could hear him getting more comfortable as the game went on, and it was so much fun to see that progression. I can’t wait to hear what he does as the games go on.”

“When he got home, he was all smiles and on cloud nine.”

“You guys are exactly the expert guidance he needs to build that confidence and learn how to be great at this. I haven’t seen him beaming like he was tonight in a very long time. It was the kind of happiness that is palpable,” she stated.

Photo by Michele Hummel, Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce - Dave Warner gives a thumbs up at the production table while Tanner Jaquay looks on.

Photo by Michele Hummel, Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce – Dave Warner gives a thumbs up at the production table while Tanner Jaquay looks on.

Travis Heiser, the owner of the Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs, was at the game and stated, “I had the chance to observe, first hand, the Creative Outpost’s sports broadcasting platform with full HD-quality streaming, Saturday night. I couldn’t be more excited about incorporating this multi-camera, play-by-play capability into our 2023 Diamond Dawgs season.”

“This professional-level, intern-based program sets the bar for regional sports when it comes to a heightened fan experience. Diamond Dawg fans are going to love it!”

One of the reasons the quality of the stream was so high was because of the hardware investment in the BoxCaster Pro and the BoxCast software platform.

Warner stated, “The equipment and software we purchased from BoxCast allowed us to stream smoothly in 1080p at 60 frames a second. That means the signal was high-definition with twice the number of frames, giving you a smooth viewing experience.”

“The company also provides high-efficiency video encoding, which cuts your bandwidth usage in half while presenting a tech-savvy presentation for the audience.”

Team owner Scott Flansburg stated, “Our goal is to help students that are interested in sports management and social media to get involved with a fun team that is having an impact on our local community.”

The next event on tap is a weekend of Herkimer Originals action starting with a Saturday, December 3rd game against Bennington at 7 pm at Utica’s Notre Dame High School gym, then a Sunday game against Providence at Herkimer College at 3 pm.

You can view previous events streamed by The Creative Outpost by visiting our Live Streams section of the website, or you can watch events live on Apple TV or Roku. Simply search for the BoxCast app, then search for Creative Outpost within the app.

For more information on the Herkimer Originals, visit herkimeroriginals.com.

If you would like to apply for an intern position, please fill out the following form. This is a paid internship, and details will be provided during the interview.

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