by Dave Warner

The Creative Outpost, a 501c3 organization, focused on creative content, film, and media education and dedicated to teaching filmmaking and media development, completed another successful workshop/community presentation last Saturday.

Matt Powers was onstage for a presentation that showed you how to write a story and a script to make a movie.

Powers said, “The course was about the basics of storytelling. Plot structure, story structure, character language, and making stories come to life in very real ways that are relatable. We talked about human experience and struggles and complications.”

Photo by Dave Warner - Some of Saturday's workshop attendees discuss story structure with Matt Powers.

Photo by Dave Warner – Some of Saturday’s workshop attendees discuss story structure with Matt Powers.

He took people down to Canal Place to allow them the opportunity to scout locations for a scene or series of scenes.

“I was hoping that people who were in the workshop would be inspired by locations. To see them not just as physical entities that things happen in obviously, but to have greater significance, whether that is metaphoric or symbolic. To think about spaces that can influence language or events that happen there.”

Powers wanted them to think about surprising things, events, or conversations happening in regular places.

Attendees of the workshop took pictures and then returned to Rock City Centre to develop their stories.

“Some of the photos were really wild and incredible, as well as thought-provoking in some interesting ways. I can see all kinds of stories being told through those photos. Some of what the people were working on was very unique – it’s kind of wild. I like it,” he stated.

Maureen Jones traveled all the way from Lake Luzerne to spend the day in Little Falls for the event and stated, “It was informative and well-paced… I enjoyed the day and hope to visit Little Falls again sometime soon.”

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